About Lister


Gísli - Lead vocals
Bjölli - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jón Guð - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Vala - Bass, vocals
Benji - Drums, samples

The Basics

Origin: Reykjavík, Iceland
Genres: Rock, metal
Years active: 2006-2011, 2019-present
Albums: 360° (2011)
Associated acts: Tríó Bjölla klikk, Guðs bók, Dúettinn 2, picnicWithGoats.

Long story short

​Lister was formed in Reykjavík around new year 2006 by guitarists Björn Kr. Bragason (Bjölli) and Hjalti Búi Önnuson and drummer Davíð Hafstein. Soon singer Gísli Freyr Eggertsson and bassist Smári Roach Gunnarson joined the band before Davíð was replaced by Eyþór Þorgeirsson. This lineup played Lister‘s first show in Autumn 2006, but soon after Hjalti left the band to be replaced by Jón Guð. Pétursson and the band‘s most active lineup to date was formed.

This lineup wrote about an albums worth of music and entertained crowds at the local venues in Reykjavík and toured the country on one occation. However, things started falling apart following the crash of 2008. Smári left the country to seek new adventures on the European mainland, and Bjölli and Eyþór took the family life ahead of the rock and roll life style leaving only Jón and Gísli, who took it upon themselves to archive the band‘s material. With the help of bassplayer Magnús Addi Ólafsson and drummer/producer Chemon Velazques amongst others they completed the album 360° in Spring of 2011 and the band went on hiatus for a couple of years, playing only a handful of shows at private events hosted by members or their closest friends.

But in the leadup to one of these events, Bjölli‘s 35th birthday in 2018, things changed. Bassplayer Rúna Vala Þorgrímsdóttir joined the band and in her wake came drummer Benjamin Schmid (Benji) in Summer of 2019 and suddenly the ball was rolling again. The album, originally only meant for the archives, was put onto streaming services and and immediately the band started to work on new material as they caught up with the older stuff, and before the year 2019 was out the band had played more shows in a year than it had in the previous five combined. Unfortunately, a virus threw a wrench in the works in 2020, making rehearsal and writing sessions sporadic at best as studios closed down and people were asked to socially distance. Eventually the band found their workflow in working from home, both writing and recording music, with long awaited new material finally starting to roll out in the spring of 2022.

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