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The guitars, microphones, drums, effects and whatnot you might expect to see or hear Lister using on stage or on record. This is an informal listing for curious trivia-seeking fans and gear heads. Promoters or other professionals looking for technical information regarding the Lister stage setup, click here for tech rider and equipment inventory.


Epiphone Flying-V – Seymour Duncan Invader/Jazz pickups – D-tuning
Gibson Explorer – EMG Het Set pickups – D-tuning
ESP Eclipse – EMG Het Set pickups – E-tuning
LTD HB-300 Baritone – EMG 85/60 pickups – B-tuning
LTD EX-260 – Fishman Fluence Classic pickups – E-tuning
LTD Snakebyte SE Baritone – EMG Het Set pickups – B-tuning
Bach Explorer - Stock Bach passive pickups - Drop-D-tuning
Epiphone DR212 NA – E tuning
Ephiphone Thunderbird IV – D-tuning

All electric instruments have Schaller Strap locks paired with Ernie Ball nylon straps and all electric guitars have locking tuners (Sperzel where they have been retrofitted).

Amps and such
ENGL E635 Fireball 100W valve head
Orange Pedal Baby 100W solid state power amp
Marshall Valvestate head (modified from a VS265 2x65W combo)
Harley Benton 2x12” cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
Unbranded 4x12" cabinet with Celestion Greenback speakers
Line6 Flextone III XL 150W 2x12 combo (out on loan)
Line6 Pod Go
MXR Phase 45 Phaser
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
EHX Holy Grail Neo Reverb
Dunlop Cry Baby with true bypass mod
Boss TU-2 tuner

Mics and monitors
t.bone IEM150 in-ear monitor system
Shure SE215 in-ear monitors
KZ AS-10 in-ear monitors
Shure SM58 vocal mic
Shure SM57 instrument mic 

Pod Go Preset (4 snapshots)
Impulse Response


Washburn MG-24 - EMG KH Set - D-tune
Washburn MG-24 - EMG SA/81 - E-tune
Washburn MG-24 - SD Jazz/Distortion - E-tune
Washburn WG-587 - EMG 60-7/81-7 - Standardish 7 string tune
LTD M-350 - EMG 81/85 - D-tune
LTD EX-400 - EMG 81/60 - E-tune
Frankenwarlock baritone - EMG 81 - B-tune
Yamaha acoustic - E-tune
Harley Benton acoustic - E-tune

Amps and such
Orange Pedal Baby
Hiwatt High gain 100
Hiwatt 4123 4x12 Cabinet with Fane speakers
Johnson 2x12 Cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
VOX AD120 Valvetronix (RIP)
Line6 Pod Go

Mics and monitors
Shure PG58 vocal mic
Shure SM57 instrument mic
t.bone IEM 150 


20” x 16” Basedrum
13” x 3” Snare
13” x 9” Tom-Tom
8” x 3” Tom-Tom
10” x 4,5” Tom-Tom
16” x 13” Stand-Tom

All drums are custom walnut shells

15” Thin Crash
14” HiHat (cable)
10” Splash
8” Splash
17” Thin Crash
21” Dark Ride

All cymbals are Meinl Byzance

Mics, monitors and miscellaneous
Alesis Sample Pad 
Custom in-ear monitors
EV RE 320 bass drum mic
5x EV PL 35 drum mics
EV PL 33 tom mic
5x Shure Beta 98A drum mics


Yamaha 4-string, natural finish
Toby 5-string, red

Amps and such
Fender Rumble 100
Marshall half-stack
Tech21 Bass Fly Rig


Shure Beta 58 microphone
Shure BLX24/B58 wireless system

Phonic MU1822 Mixer
Crown XLS-402 Power amp
2x Peavey HiSys 5XT PA speaker cabinets

Toby 5-string bass, sunburst

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